Practical Tips to Become a Cabin Crew

Cabin crew sounds like a good career to have, isn’t it? But the steps to take for being one aren’t as easy as it sounds, yet isn’t impossible to happen.

Having the desire can be your first huge step; do not put it to waste. Do you really want to be a cabin crew? If it’s a yes, then let us guide you properly on what to do next. Here are the Practical Tips to Become a Cabin Crew.

Practical Cabin Crew Tip #1


While the standards may differ from hiring airlines, there are some basic requirements which are same for all airlines. It is important that you know if you qualify even before your spend more resources to pursue this career. To be able to make it to the entry level, you’ll need:

  • to be at least 18, or 21 to work for some airlines
  • to obtain GCSE’s (A* to C), or equivalent in Mathematics and English
  • to have good level of fitness and weight proportion to height
  • to be between 1.58m and 1.90m in height (at least be able to reach safety equipment onboard the aircraft)
  • colour-normal vision of 6/9
  • a smart appearance with no visible tattoos or piercings
  • a valid passport with no restrictions for the countries the airline travels to
  • Good standard of spoken English (the first language in aviation is always English, vital for emergency procedures)

Practical Cabin Crew Tip #2

Make a list of your TARGET AIRLINES to apply to

Once you meet all the requirements, it is time to do some work, move and apply. But try to create a strategized system so you could also save your resources; time, money and effort. Research all the airlines in your own country first. They can be scheduled airlines, charter airlines, budget airlines and regional carriers and make a list of those who are recruiting now. Check their websites and understand how they are currently doing the recruitment; online schedule or walk-in schedule. If you wish to apply to an international airline, research further those who are accepting foreign candidates, such as Emirates and Etihad, then do the same to figure out their hiring process.

Make sure your curriculum vitae is well prepared with necessary information only- focused and relevant to the cabin crew position. During the interview, come prepared and confident! For more helpful information, read The 5 Most Effective Tips to Win a Job Interview.

Want to stand out over other Cabin Crew post applicants?

If you want to secure an edge and be the top choice, highly consider taking a college course or certification program in aviation and air cabin crew.

Practical Cabin Crew Tip #3

Maximize the closest available OPPORTUNITIES TO BECOME A CABIN CREW

This is the last and most practical tip that we can share with you. Instead of looking far and hence feeling far from the reality of being a cabin crew, why don’t you focus on what’s around that can help you get the cabin crew post?

For sure, there are opportunities that can lead you to the right path such as your gained networks; A friend or a relative who works for an airline and can refer you to apply to the same airline, or your apprenticeship experience for possible absorption, or an institution like Qatar Skills Academy, which provides Aviation and Cabin Crew Certification Program and endorses its students to partner leading airlines today for employment after the training. This course is designed to integrate everything that is required for a prospective cabin crew member to differentiate him/herself when applying for a job with airlines.

Again, to become a Cabin Crew is not easy, but it is not impossible as well. You only need to know what it takes to be one, and how it takes to be one, and when you are finally ready, you can always start doing the first step, even NOW!

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