IATA Cabin Crew Certification

Fastest and smartest way to attain a position as a cabin crew member with some of the leading airlines today

Training Code: IATA-05 Location: QSA Doha, Qatar Duration: 6 months Training Fees: QAR6,000

Course Overview

This International Aviation Cabin Crew Certification provided by Qatar Skills Academy and IATA is the fastest and smartest way towards getting the right skills and abilities for attaining a position as a cabin crew member with some of the leading airlines today.

Why Take This Course

Dynamic growth of air travel throughout the world is intensifying demand for airplanes, infrastructure and competent personnel responsible for managing change in response to market opportunities and challenges. While demand for cabin crew is increasing world-wide so is the stiff competition. Airlines are only demanding the very best of staff to join them and this has created a highly competitive environment for those intending to pursue a career as a cabin crew.

Course Objectives

Our course is designed to integrate everything that is required for a prospective cabin crew member to differentiate him/herself when applying for a job with airlines.

IATA Cabin Crew Certification

Do what you love while travelling the world.


Module One: Introduction to the Airline Industry:

Students will gain an insight into how airlines have grown and adapted to worldwide air travel since the early 20th century and some of the latest advances in the customer comfort and service offered by airlines and aircraft manufacturers. It covers how airlines are regulated and what is expected of cabin crew and how they fit into the airlines’ organizational structure.

Module Two: Transport and Flight Operation

Gives the students the opportunity to learn and understand how an airport operates and how passengers get to the aircraft. It gives an overview and familiarization of aircraft cabins and explains how an aircraft flies. It also explains how flying can affect the human body and what this might mean for some of the passengers and crew.

Module Three: Crew Responsibilities and Cooperation

Provides a detailed description of the activities that a cabin crew perform. This description is placed in the context of the duties of the flight crew and how the two teams should interact. This module also gives an overview of communication onboard the aircraft.

Module Four and Five: Managing Abnormal and Emergency Situations and Medical Emergencies Onboard the Aircraft

Students will learn how aircraft and medical emergencies are managed on board an aircraft and some of the safety, emergency and medical equipment that airlines are required to carry. The major part of any airline training program relates to these two areas, so this area will specifically help any student in their studies once employed by an airline.

Module Six: Dangerous Goods

ICAO requires Dangerous Good training and this module ensures that the elements required are covered in sufficient detail for cabin crew. Students will understand what Dangerous Goods are, the regulations surrounding their carriage on board an aircraft and what to do if they find Dangerous Goods onboard the aircraft.

Module Seven: Aviation Security

Gives students an insight into some of the current security measures and the reasons for them and puts security into the context of the cabin crew role.

Module Eight and Nine: Customer Service and Interaction with Passengers and Airline Catering and Onboard Retail Services

All airlines require cabin crew to provide a satisfactory level of customer care and service onboard the aircraft. This will provide students with an awareness of how to provide excellent customer service, and how service of food, beverages and in-flight retail goods is carried out on board.

Module Ten: Cabin Crew Professional Development

Having gained a full understanding of the role, responsibilities and tasks of a cabin crew, this module looks at how a cabin crew member can manage the physical and mental demands of the job and ensure that they are able to continue to forge their own career path within the airline industry

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