Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7

Strategic Management & Leadership (QCF)

Training Code: PQC- 01  Location: QSA Doha, Qatar  Duration: 9 Months  Training Fees: QAR 15,000

Course Objectives

The Level 7 qualification in Strategic Management and Leadership requires the manager to focus on the implementation of their organizational strategy.

Course Overview

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the UK’s leading organization for professional managers, representing and supporting over 81,000 members and committed in promoting and setting the standards in management excellence. The CMI vision is for the first class management and leadership to drive up personal and corporate performance, national productivity and social well-being.

Who Should Attend

This program if perfect fit to directors and senior managers who have the responsibility to translate organizational strategy into effective performance.

Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7

Ready to improve your management skills to the next level?

What's in this course?

Module (01) Personal Leadership Development as a Strategic Manager

This unit is about the leadership and personal management skills required for operating at a strategic level. Part of the assessment is to produce your own personal development plan (PDP), which covers how to identify and achieve both your personal and corporate goals whilst also considering quality, health and safety

Module (02) Developing Performance Management Strategies

You will examine the links and how to manage the performance of a team. This is to ensure that their contribution to the overall strategic objectives of the team is aligned to the targets and measures of their performance.

Module (03) Financial Management

Financial data is essential for developing and making judgments against strategic objectives. You will also learn how to obtain and analyze its validity and formulate conclusions to base budgets on and how these support organizational and stakeholder objectives.

Module (04) Strategic Information Management

This unit is about determining the criteria for selecting and capturing, how to evaluate, monitor, and manage the information both internally and externally to support strategic decision making

Module (05) Reviewing Organizational Strategy Plans and Performance

You will be able to identify and analyze progress towards organizational strategic aims and objectives. More specifically, you will evaluate the component parts of a strategic plan, audit the business environment and the needs of stakeholders, and develop a range of strategic options to meet corporate objectives.

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