Business Professional Certification Programs

Be an International Certified Business Professional and experience endless opportunities for your career growth

Location: QSA, Doha Qatar Duration: 15 Hours over 5 Days Training Fees: QAR 950

Be an International Certified Business Professional and experience endless opportunities for your career growth!

CBP – Business Communication

For verbal and non-verbal business communication, if you are looking at learning how to communicate on both levels, picking up the makings of effective communication, learning the qualities of good business writing, and learning to write better reports, this is the course for you!

CBP – Customer Service

The CBP™ Customer Service Certification provides the foundation for quality customer service and focuses on building life-long customer relationships by developing effective customer care strategies.

The CBP™ Sales certification module covers all the major sales stages and teaches the best practices in the sales industry.



CBP – Leadership

The CBP™ Leadership Certification equips the business professional with the skills and characteristics required for effective leadership. Effective leadership skills are in demand in every aspect of business and are recognized as an indispensable element for corporate success.

CBP – Leading Through Changes

Define what change looks like and feels like, identify the different reactions of change; and evaluate how the change will affect people in your organization. Recognize change resistance and explore various sources of resistance, and the eight mistakes organizations make during change.  Explore, evaluate and compare the various roles of team leaders. Develop commitment strategies to change the design elements of a communication plan align systems and structures to the changes.

CBP – Sales

The CBP™ Sales Certification lays the foundation for professional selling by developing the selling process using effective sales methodologies. You will learn the skills and tactics of the leading sales professionals and take part in interactive scenarios to master those skills.

CBP – Conflict Management

Understand the two basic types of conflict and reasons as they occur, and recognize the four typical approaches to conflict. Implement the basic steps of conflict resolution, practice communication skills to minimize and even prevent conflict. Employ strategies for responding to challenging people such as; dealing with an extremely angry person or someone who will not acknowledge the conflict. Be able to handle specific situations including dealing with your boss, client, or another department.

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