5 Most Effective Tips to Win a Job Interview in Qatar


Along with the expected continuous growth of Qatar economic status until 2018, based on MENA Economic Report Spring 2016, is the increase in competition to get ideally good paying and stable jobs. But these jobs in Qatar are not far from your reach of signing off an offer if you are equipped with the tips in winning that job interview.

For a country that has been booming in obvious industries that the whole world recognizes, companies here are also certain in identifying what they are looking for from their applicants. To help you increase your chance in being part of the top choices from thousand of applicants wanting to get that job that you’ve been eyeing, this article will give you the 5 Most Effective Tips to Win a Job Interview in Qatar

There are 2 stages that may affect the end result of your job interview, the pre-job interview, and the actual job interview. In this article, the tips will be divided into these two stages.

Pre- Job Interview Stage

1.Get the complete job interview details

An interview invitation is your first chance to win the job that you want. Make sure you don’t mess up just because of something you overlooked. Say for example, you are given an address to go to, but because you are not familiar with some places here in Qatar you ended up going to several places before finding the right one. The result, you came late. And that’s NOT acceptable! Other details can be; Who will conduct the interview? Will it be a panel interview or a series of one on one interview? The more you know, the better you will be able to prepare.

Jobs in Qatar Interview Tip:  Top management normally conducts the interviews themselves. Make sure to do some research so you at least know how to address him/her properly and his nationality. Also make sure to ensure you are dressed well and follow the cultural do’s and don’ts here in Qatar.

2.Create an interview checklistCertified Business Professional Programs- Qatar Skills Academy

While you are gathering details about the interview, you may be asked to bring some important documents or requirements or be given some other reminders. To make sure that you won’t miss anything, create a checklist for your reference.

Jobs in Qatar Interview Tip:  Always bring your valid identification (for expats with no Qatar ID yet, make sure you have your passport and visa copy with you). You don’t want to miss the interview because you were stopped from entering the building, just because you don’t have these documents with you. Also be sure to clarify your visa and residential status with your prospective employer. This is to set the proper expectations from them.


3.Do a dry run

Doing a dry run is always a great preparation for an interview. It gives you the idea of which areas you are having difficulties at and gives you the chance to improve as well: answering specific questions, very soft and/or shaking voice, maintaining focus etc. Of course, you should involve at least one other person to observe and critic you. Take the points and improve yourself before that most awaited big day!

Jobs in Qatar Interview Tip:  For the partner that will help you practice, choose someone who preferably has had experience being interviewed by employers here in Qatar.

The Big Day- Actual Job Interview

a. Be on time

Remember, an interview is not just an applicant’s investment of time, effort and money. Your future employer is also investing his valuable time and effort to accommodate you. Come at least 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time so you can still attend to your personal necessities before you are called.

Jobs in Qatar Interview Tip:  Don’t ask for interview dates on a Friday or during prayer times. Employers in Qatar are very keen on ensuring that whoever they hire is punctual yet also knowledgeable on the local working timings. Pay respect by doing what they value and do not give the first bad impression.

Certified Business Professional Programs- Qatar Skills Academy

b. Stay Positive

It is true, you may not have control on what your interviewer would ask, or how they are feeling on your interview day, but you can always give off a positive vibe and influence them. This is the best job interview tip that we can share, that no matter where you are in the world, rest assured, this will work.

The moment you enter the company premises, greet everyone with a genuine smile and think of happy thoughts! As much as possible, clear you head from other issues and problems, so you can focus on your goal; winning the interview!

During the actual interview, practice breathing to lessen nervousness. For every question, take time to answer and always have something to say. Forget the worries; anyway, you are half way there.

Jobs in Qatar Interview Tip:  The Qatar community appreciates happy and positive people. The management usually prefers applicants with talent and abilities and at the same time can contribute to the improvement of the work environment. Show them that positive energy that you can offer.

These Job Interview Tips may help you a lot in getting that job that you want, but remember, the very first step is always qualifying yourself to that position that you are aiming for as well as differentiating yourself from other candidates applying for the same position.

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Best of luck on your career in Qatar!

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