3 Easy Steps For Millennial to Plan Professional Development and Career Growth

Generation Y is the new generation after generation X that can be classified as a person who was born between 1980’s and 1990’s.  This generation is the new generation or known as millennial. They are more likely at the age of 18-35 and are the greater majority of the workforce, with some probably leading their organizations now.

There are many characteristics associated with Gen Y especially involving their attitude and behavior towards work performance and career success.

To note the POSITIVE ones:

Gen Y is more technologically savvy.  This group grew up with technology and social media and has a strong capacity to work with and leverage the currency of a knowledge-based global economy.

Gen Y is more comfortable with diverse ethnic groups. The daily use of email, texting, and social networks is expected to follow them to the workplace and has made Gen Y an extremely social and interconnected group.

Gen Y is today's business innovators. The business world of the future will belong to Gen Y, and companies looking to succeed in that new world absolutely have to include Gen Y in planning for it.

However, Gen Y have this one distinct characteristic that can risk all the above mentioned good ones, and can even affect their whole career plan:


Gen Y has limited patience with the status quo.  They have learned to question virtually everything and are sometimes called "Generation Why."  This group is always looking for new ways to approach business as usual and isn’t satisfied with answers like "Because that’s the way it's always been done." Hence, Gen Y tends to jump from one job to another and end up not having a clear and solid career goal.

To help this wide range of people who are often lost by this mix of different characteristics, we have identified 3 Easy Steps for Millennial to Plan Professional Development and Career Growth.

  1. Figure out the career path that you want to pursue

This sounds the easiest to say, but is the most difficult to do. For you to figure out what you really want will even require you to do another planning. But to guide you in doing this step, we summarized the things that you need to consider by listing down these questions that you should throw to yourself:

a. Where am I good at? If you focus on what you’re naturally good at, you will never be tired in doing more and more to excel.

b. What is my passion? If you wonder how to identify what your passion is, it is anything that gives you the sense of fulfillment whenever you do it. It is yes, different from the first question because it refers to your skills, while this question gives you the answer that refers to your heart desire. If they don’t create conflict and match instead, then you’re 50% closer to your success.

c. Is there a demand for this job/profession? It shouldn’t be your sole consideration, but it’s also not bad to consider earnings. It’s the practical side of it. Anyway, at the end of the day, you need to work for a living.

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  1. Explore and find opportunities

It takes action to make words happen. You don’t think about what to do next when it’s there so it’s a lot better if you make this step, part of your plan. Remember, you are planning not just for your future, but for the future of your family as well, so don’t settle for less. Look at every opportunity that comes your way. List down all of these and see how it is considering your first step answers. Always think of the long term stay whenever you are deciding to be part of a team or a company. This will also give you the chance to be part of the milestones of the company. If you stay for only 6mos, what huge contribution and effect can you do?

  1. Stay focused and continue to grow

Once you’re there, before leaving, always look back at the first two steps and how you arrived in that place. Instead of always thinking of leaving, focus on your career, performing at the best that you can, and at the same time, seeking to improve and grow more.

Professional development is usually the gap that results to Gen Y to always opt to transfer from one company to another. Because of their natural behavior of limited patience, they always ask for more. The best way to deal with this that will be beneficial to both the employer and the employee is to direct attention to professional development.

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Lastly, while you are planning, do not forget to involve at least one person who is close to you and sincerely cares for you. This will help you not to have them decide for you, but to encourage you to plan well.

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